Q.What’s the benefit of listing an advertisement on your site?

A.The pathardicity website is optimised for search engines to display it on top of search results, this means your business listing has great potential for enhanced visibility as a result of which your business is likely to attract a high number of enquiries from potential customers. Bear in mind that you could possibly have hundreds of interested viewers per day visiting the website, so if you had just one viewer from among the 100 coming to you converted as a customer it will add up to a minimum of 300-350 additional customers in a year. Obviously you would want to attract & convert more than this, so if just 5 viewers convert as customers, then that will be 1500plus additional customers in a year. Therefore, the potential is enormous. The comments page allows any user(who could be your potential customer) to interact with you, the advertiser, by posting a comment which can be followed up by the advertiser to connect to the potential buyer for a business opportunity.

Q.How does one register?

A.Simply click on the Register menu button & generate your own username & password & fill-in your basic details, it takes a minute!

Q.Will my e-mail id be used for third-party marketing purposes?

A.Not generally, however, we might e-mail you attractive related offers with respect to your advertisement from time-to-time.

Q.Is this Paid listing?

You can submit your business list  free of cost.

Q.How to advertisement on http://pathardicity.in?

A.Contact is on 7588693175

Or Email on contact@pathardicity.in